Management Process of Anchorage Eco Lodge

Since ages, nature worship and the conservation ethics have been an inseparable part of Indian thoughts and traditions. Traces go back to ancient civilisations of India, when people used to nurture the philosophy of the oneness of life. The Indian tradition has always taught that, humankind is a part of nature and one should look upon all creation with the eyes of a love and respect.

At Anchorage Eco Resort we promote nature based tourism and aim to conserve the environment while improving well-being of local people.  The resort was completed with involvement of local community. The local community is directly benefiting and gaining economically as well.

In order to heighten the importance of heritage and natural resources and manage them in an ecologically sound manner an unusual dedication and understanding is encouraged by the management of Anchorage Eco Resort. Keeping in mind the importance of maintaining economically self sustainable eco units, as well as meet the needs of a widely differing range of guests. We at the Anchorage Eco Resort believe that we are meeting this challenge, and achieving a fine balance.

Environmental control forms an integral part of the conservation process. Anchorage Eco Resort has an extensive Habitat Management Plan in place that is continually reviewed. This encompasses concepts such as organic filtration of swimming pool.  Self-sufficient pristine water supply for operations and guest usage and with tertiary treated waste management.  We have a sustainable fire management programme and waste conservation as well as water disposal.