Anchorage Eco Lodge History

Setting a benchmark in eco-tourism or eco resorts in Gurgaon, Anchorage Eco Lodge was envisaged in 1992. Without taking anything away from the land, the idea of a true ‘Green Development’ took place 22 years ago. In order to minimize interruption to the fragile environment the idea of a totally self-sufficient, Solar Powered Resort, was born. That is when small family owned piece of barren land saw immense plantation drive to make it an oasis of greens. Today some trees stand as tall as 140 feet making it come alive with cacophony of birds seeking to take rest in swaying leaves of the trees.

The owners have self-imposed environmental criteria of practices that minimize environmental impact in line with “RRR” (Reduce, Re-Use, Re-Cycle). Solar passive design & construction meant each unit stayed naturally cool inside, even on very hot days. The fully screened rooms have very large windows to capture gentle breezes, and the bed head has small fans built in for a gentle zephyr of cooling air on a balmy nights.

Each lodge styles in eco resort, that emerged were driven firstly by practical considerations – solar-passive design dictated much of what we now see, including the lighter, more insular concrete, the stone floors, the large roof vents, and the very large, screened windows in the bedroom, these are all climate-control features. The finished lodges are a solar-passive success. On an unbearably hot day outside, the lounge/dining area stays a comfortable temperature, while the bedroom is cool enough for an afternoon nap, without using the air conditioning.