Anchorage Eco Lodge Philosophy

Anchorage Eco Resort philosophy is based on the need to conserve rapidly dwindling greens lungs for humanity and focus on the interdependence of conservation and sustainable tourism. The local community benefits through employment and socio-economic outcomes.  Economic community benefits through use of goods and services and community support. Our social responsibility is to improve local population wellbeing. Thus bottom line is Social, Culture, Environment, and Economic interdependence.

Anchorage Eco Resort defines eco-tourism as the interdependence of tourism, conservation and local community thereby ensuring the optimum tangible benefit to each of stake holders of environment. We do not disturb the integrity of the ecosystem, while creating economic opportunities that make conservation and protection of natural resources advantageous to the local people.
At Anchorage Eco resort everything is nature based and ecologically sustainable. Local community includes all of the staff employed at Anchorage Eco Resort and the neighbouring communities where they reside. The empowerment of all staff through training and development is a key policy at Anchorage Eco Resort.  Each member of the  Anchorage Eco Resort receives ongoing training in all areas of our business, empowering them and improving their skills; and each has a thorough understanding that an individual’s performance reflects and is dependent on the performance of other members of the team.