Holiday Accommodation at Eco Resort

“OM Dome” – The Compressed Earth Block Main building

Hindus believe that before creation began it was “Shunya Kasha”, the void, because everything then existed in a latent state of potentiality.  “OM” is the reflection of the absolute reality, it is said to be “Adi Anadi”, without beginning or the end and embracing all that exists.

Way back in 1998 we were still as much dedicated to conservation when we created “Om Dome” using compressed Earth Blocks made from the very mud that was dug out of the swimming pool area and activity area of the Resort. We played with the elements of nature and merged the design with the surroundings. We decided on a minimalist architectural style, so our challenge was to produce something aesthetically modern, within a rational budget, to a high standard of finish, and still, when assessed by international standards, it had to be very green.

Inside the OM Dome you can find three double rooms on first floor where roof for three rooms.

“Astha” The Earth Bags Dome Complex

Earthbag is a building technique that we have had been interested in for a while our “Astha” complex is natural buildings at its best. These are simple, effective, low embodied energy and non toxic. The rooms are a pleasure and are balm to sit within. The domes are made from the very earth of our farm.

We must thank our partners in construction Arnot of Atelier Van Mameren as our architects and Chritian Peijis of Evolotecture  who took upon themselves to make a dream come true. Both men from Netherlands took special time out to create hand sculpted dome houses from the very earth taken from the resort. The significant feature of this monolithic structure is that self supports itself on mud filled bags laid on top of each other. This gives a wall thickness of 15 inches

Each unit of the complex comprises of three domes. Main living dome is 4.2 meters (13.8 Feet) in diameter, Master bed room is 3.8 meters (12.5 Feet) in diameter and bathroom dome is 3.2 meters (10.5 feet) in diameter.

Living room dome has a first floor that has the loft bedroom to accommodate two guests on Queen size bed. Thus one unit can accommodate four guests while two additional beds can be placed upon request at extra charge.

Chaman ( Bamboo hut)

This is a unique village style accommodation in a quiet corner of the resort.  This bamboo hut has a wonderful calm atmosphere, where in the evening, crickets will sing for your night sleep.

This is a studio room unit with two village style charpoys (A bed stead of woven webbing or hemp stretched on wooden frame on four legs). You will enjoy resting on the veranda, feeling like in the middle of the forest and having a shower in the outdoor bathroom where the water tank is hanging on the tree. The hut is suitable for one or two persons.  The place is ideal for off the beaten track travellers looking for a quiet place to live for a few weeks or months, a little bit away from the city restlessness and noises.

If you like to read, think, dream or muse, this place is for you. If you have places to visit, we strongly suggest you to rent a motorbike or at least a bicycle for your trips. We can help you for the arrangement.


“ Baithak”  the word implies the meeting point, where everyone comes together to relax or discuss or just gossip.  The idea for creation of “Baithak” complex was born out of necessity due to corporates demanding separate area for close together living, where the team could sit in relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the discussions around a fire while listening to soft music or just gossiping away the night under the stars.

In today’s world where families are nuclear and there is little time to spend with extended families, we suggest you try staying at  “Baithak”. It is apt habitat where group of 24 or 36 can enjoy mingling freely with each other and spend the night together in nature.

We have recently created twelve dwelling units clustered in  one location. Since we care for the nature, the Thatch roof was natural choice to remain green. Even the furniture within each dwelling is made  from natural renewable resources. When walking into Baithak complex you cannot help but stare at the intrinsic beauty of the natural thatch roof of each dwelling. The thatch roof gives you a very relaxing feeling of living in the nature. Oh Nirvana !!!!