Eco Resort In Delhi That Offers An Ideal Setting For School Picnics

Planning school trips in Delhi to an eco-resort is a unique, intellectually stimulating, and enriching experience for both students and teachers. An eco resort in Gurgaon is packed with fun-filled activities and practical learning experiences which serve as a perfect adjunct to classroom learning. Going to an eco resort Near Delhi offers a nice break for students who are constantly surrounded by the hustle and bustle of city life.

Wondering what other benefits await your students when they visit an eco park? Consider the following:

Promotes appreciation for the natural Environment

Students growing up in a busy cultural hub like Delhi do not often get a chance to be surrounded by nature. As a result, many students do not learn to value the importance of Mother Nature. Can anyone blame them? When you’ve never been exposed to forests, wildlife, rivers, etc. how can you develop a genuine likeness for them? Reading about nature in your biology textbook is different from experiencing it firsthand. This is where planned school trips in Delhi can help.  Visiting an eco resort opens up students’ awareness of nature’s bounty. It helps them understand what role they play in the environment, and they can do to protect it from various damaging factors such as pollution, waste, urbanization, etc.

Exposure to numerous outdoor activities

An eco resort is filled with adventure activities Delhi NCR. These are all related to the great outdoors and are meant to help students engage with the environment in different ways. For example, adventure activities Delhi NCR such as cat walking and zip lining actually require students to maneuver across suspended ropes and platforms through tree lines. It provides an aerial view of the resort and grounds. Students can catch glimpses of different species of wildlife and trees from this vantage point. For students who enjoy climbing, an eco resort in Delhi also offers indoor rock climbing and rappelling. Both skills teach students how to safely climb up and descend from high elevations. It builds both strength and confidence.

Participate in different workshops

A trip to an eco resort in Delhi has numerous workshops, presentations and engrossing talks that encourage students’ participation. All workshops provide practical, hands on learning. They are designed to stimulate problem-solving skills. For example, Eco structures and Eco planning are two very popular topics/workshops. They are the unique selling proposition of most resorts. Students will also learn about eco filtration systems and eco lodges; both of which are designed to help them think outside of the box.

Promotes Teamwork

Working cohesively as a team is a skill everyone must learn, whether one is a student, teacher, principal, business owner or employee; and visiting an eco resort in Delhi is the best place to sharpen one’s team building skills. This takes places through participation is several team building activities such as tree climbing, pocket bike racing, swimming in the eco swimming pool, miniature golf course, meditation and RC car racing to name a few.

If you want your students to get the best hands-on learning experience from their school trips in Delhi, visit an eco resort.

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