Eco Resort near Gurgaon: Time for Some Weekend Fun!

A visit to an eco-resort offers a great chance for everyone to spend some relaxing time with family and friends amidst the cool natural environment. If you are looking forward for a weekend break away from the city and looking at eco resorts near Gurgaon, Anchorage is a lovely place to be. It provides an excellent relaxing stay with a calming environment.

Eco-resorts – A perfect getaway destination

Most often with everyone leading an active work life, it is hard to take out time for a well-planned holiday. Eco-resorts located near cities provide you an excellent opportunity to take a quick day break or enjoy a weekend holiday and return back to work on Monday.

Choosing an eco-resort brings you closer to nature and that is important if you are leaving in a city like New Delhi or Gurgaon that is highly polluted.

Set in tranquil settings, eco-resorts are gorgeously located amidst green surroundings and being there over a weekend will help you breathe better and experience harmony with nature. It is an ideal family outing destination. You also get to choose and participate in a variety of fun filed activities and go active with some exciting adventure activities provided on the venue. Kids too have plenty of activities to stay busy and explore nature at their own pace. During winters, one can also ask for a camping night and enjoy a campfire dinner.

Eco-resorts provide guests with comfortable rooms that are equipped with modern amenities and services. Moreover, you can connect with them and ask for personalised additions if required. There are even special packages for family holidays and corporate visits. With a perfect balance of nature and outdoor activities, everyone also enjoys the friendly hospitality and get to taste delicious home-style food.

An eco-resort is also an excellent way to unwind for some days and enjoy some quiet time. Just the simple joys of walking around green environs, playing in the wild and relaxing in open air is sure to leave you completely rejuvenated.

Eco-resorts Promote Sustainable Tourism

Eco-resorts are built in consideration to enhance and promote sustainable tourism. So heading to an eco resort in Gurgaon, you will also get an opportunity to help the local community source their livelihood and in turn take care of nature, animals and protect our fast depleting natural resources and green surroundings.

Few eco-resorts also offer a great chance to hold celebrations like weddings, birthdays and corporate events. With spacious grounds, excellent rooms and facilities, conducting events here not only is a great value option but takes the hassle of planning and managing events.

Whether it is a day outing with friends or a stay over the weekend, the time spend at an eco-resort like Anchorage Eco Lodge will be distinctly memorable and different with every visit. So take a break, spend some time with family, enjoy family fun and come back refreshed.

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