Corporate Outing In Gurgaon

Factors to Take into Consideration when Planning Corporate Outing in Gurgaon

Summary: Planning corporate outing is an important investment undertaken by the companies. Here are some of the tips to organize a successful family company picnic.

Many business organizations have finally come to realize that their employees are their biggest assets. They are their internal customers who need to be kept happy when it comes to job satisfaction, career growth, remuneration, and perquisites. Only happy employees would strive to ensure the consumers are satisfied with the organization’s business offerings.

Corporate picnics are one such perquisite that has been in vogue for quite some time. Involving the family of the employees by inviting them to the picnic increases the odds of the company’s efforts paying off. The aim is to provide recreational value to the employees and their families.However, arranging corporate picnics is not as easy as it may seem. There is an entire list of factors that you must consider when planning corporate outing.

Creating a Budget

Plan a budget and make sure you do not miss out on anything – transportation, food, entertainment, giveaways, activities, the entry fee at the venue, etc. It is advisable not to skimp on the budget. If you are inviting your employees to the picnic, it better be a good one.

Choosing the Day

Ideally, you should choose a weekday for the corporate picnic. Snatching your employees of their weekend might not be a good idea. Most of them won’t turn up because they probably would have some other plans. Taking a picnic during the off-season would be much better. Also, avoid any major holidays to ensure maximum attendance.

Sending Out Invitations

Get some interesting invitations designed based on the theme of the picnic. For example, for a sports themed picnic, the invitations could be shaped like a rugby ball with the details mentioned on it. You could team it with a coach’s whistle to set the tone. The manager can create an event on the company’s Facebook page and the employees could RSVP there as well.

Decide the Menu

Ideally, the menu should match the theme of the party. You could choose both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options so that no one feels left out. Soft drinks or fresh fruit juices would be just perfect for the kids. The adults could enjoy some beer and wine. Just tell everyone to go easy on the alcohol, though. You could have live counters for stone cold ice cream, which is a delight to watch. Choose a reputed caterer with a good track record.


A picnic is incomplete without the fun factor. You definitely need the entertainment to keep your guests engaged and happy. You could hire a DJ or roving performers or even a band for playing live music. Kids would love to see the clowns juggle and get their face painted. You could get an artist to sketch portraits as well.

The Giveaways

The giveaways are like souvenirs that would keep the pleasant memories of the wonderful picnic fresh for a long time. Choose useful items to give away as gifts. Tickets to the theme park, redeemable gift cards, passes to a concert, etc. would be nice.

The much-needed break from the routine and the workload would certainly rejuvenate the employees, boosting their morale and strengthening interpersonal relationships. corporate outing are a great way of showing gratitude towards them. You don’t conduct picnics every day. But when you do, you might as well make it happening! If you are planning for corporate outing in Gurgaon, must visit Anchorage Eco Lodge.

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