School Trips In Gurgaon

Magic of School Trips in Gurgaon

Picnics, adventure camps, and educational trips enjoyed with friendsare one of the most treasured and cherished memories of one’s school life. Smiling faces, twinkling eyes and giggling laughter – are their memories from each such trip. And yes together they learn sharing and caring, team spirit and time management and go back home enriched and empowered.

    • It holds a great chance for students from schools no matter what age, to escape the confines of the classroom and get some leisure time for themselves.
    • Field Trips offer kids the opportunity to play, relax and interact with classmates and teachers in a slightly smooth manner than the disciplined school environment.
    • They have many benefits from the management point of view as well, the school authority also gets to know the hidden talents of their students while they play their hearts at exotic places like resorts where playing options are tremendously available for them.
    • Even though school trips are enjoyable and exclusive treat for students, they also offer unexpected learning opportunities through various team building activities as well. This is the reason why private schools have come across with highly positive approach towards their students and take them to off-campus day outs.
    • School trips in Gurgaon, at places located in a natural surroundings,are particularly beneficial to students whomay have limited access to such learning opportunities due to various reasons.

Despite all the benefits of school trips, school authorities still find it a stressful proposition.There is solution to every problem at Anchorage Eco Lodge where series of exciting activities are awaiting for kids to explore within the lap of nature. We have two different kinds of school trips to cater, one is primary and other is secondary school trips consisting of fun filled activities, workshops, presentations and what not! You can easily reach us at Anchorage Eco Lodge.