School Trips In Delhi Assure Overall Development Of Students

Deciding to take your students on school trips in Delhi is perhaps the best learning initiative a school can take. This does not have to be a boring picnic or a visit to the zoo. In fact, the more involved your students get during school trips in Gurgaon, the more they will learn. Participation in adventure activities Delhi NCR is perhaps the best form of experiential learning.

There are other important takeaways of taking students to an eco resort in Delhi. These are:

Reinforces classroom learning

In the classroom, students are exposed to a lot of content-based learning. For example, if they’re studying trees they can probably tell you what the differences are between a coniferous tree and a deciduous tree. Would they be able to make the same differentiation in person? Taking students on school trips in Delhi helps to make this learning more concrete. As a teacher, you can actually show them the two different types of trees. This form of experiential learning helps students learn better and will later aid during recall, i.e. on tests and exams.

Encourages active engagement

By taking your students to an eco resort in Delhi, you immediately turn everything into a mobile classroom. You can send students on an active treasure hunt where the goal is to collect data. Later in the class, you can either assign a project based on this data or give a test.

Provides exposure to new activities

Most children have never visited an eco resort in Delhi before. They are unable to afford it, their parents are too busy at work or they simply have never heard of it. Taking students to such a place not only provides a break from the classroom but it actually gives students a chance to visit a location they’ve never experienced before. It also provides an opportunity for travel.

Promotes bonding with other classmates

Going to an eco resort in Delhi and participating in various adventure activities forces children to work together and be each other’s’ support. There are always a few students in the classroom who consider themselves as “enemies”. Activities at an eco-resort can actually make them forget this and get them to work together. They may actually return home as the best of friends or respectable classmates at the very least. In addition, while sitting together on the bus, students like to chat, observe, share jokes and have discussions. This is great way to get to know some of the shy students in the classroom.


Participating in school trips in Delhi is a special experience. It helps to create “episodic memories”. Children are exposed to new sights and sounds. These help to create special memories which are retained for a very long time. Many adults recall special moments and unique memories of their classroom school trips.

School trips in Delhi are an important and necessary part of classroom learning because they encourage active engagement, help to form episodic memories, promote bonding, provide exposure to new activities, encourage active engagement and reinforce classroom learning.

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