School Trips In Gurgaon

School trips in Gurgaon for Kindergarten

Over the last few years, children outings or school trips have taken a new shape and stake holders involved in organising outings, be it parents, scout coordinators, club organizers, schools or colleges. Let us look at some factors that decide the shape and coordination of such outings.

The foremost check is for weather conditions. Too hot, and children would need to be safely protected from harsh outdoor activities. Too cold and not many are keen to be part of such activities that start early morning or finish late or are overnight. So the weather is the first point of check.

The second aspect is the purpose. Why is the group planning an outing? What is the motive? What do they plan to achieve out of it. A leisure activity is usually different from a learning trip that may focus on outdoors, nature or conservation. Nature bound activities or even cultural activities are in trend so children focus and learn to appreciate their local environment and those of others around them.

The third planning stage is to ascertain the participants and special needs. What is the size of the group? How much time is available on hand for the outing? Are there requirements for accommodation? What are food and beverage requirements? Are there differently abled persons in group? Is there any individual attention to be given in terms of allergies or special conditions?

Then come the other parts of the planning including transportation, logistics and itinerary formation. The same is done taking the above considerations in thought and looked at in detail by having check lists in place and pre checks done before the event.

The presence of experienced coordinators will play a major role in success of such events and activities. The same activity can be made more fun by having an excited coordinator who is switched on, understands needs and works both with his heart and head. So it is imperative to work with experience and vigour than to go for a cheaper option if it comes down to pricing.

The accommodation planned needs to suit the group, and be it a tented accommodation or a well laid out resort, the division of kids into groups, with coordinators assigned for the groups, adherence to timings and schedules and comfort and safety of children during school trips stay is paramount to the success, enjoyment and peace of mind for everybody.

The destination plays a major role. Why choose a destination that resembles a city or has all comforts we are all used to during our daily lives? The event needs to wake children up to the fact that the natural environment is key to success of humanity and local communities need appreciation and support and need to be understood. The closer you get to this aim, the better off you are with your event. Cultural, natural, conservation or community activities are best placed to add value to the event and the community you visit.

So an event with children is not a mere trip, it is a learning experience. The coordinators, parents and teachers need to understand this fact and appreciate the exposure of children to such factors.

The writer Vineet, is experienced and active in conducting school trips besides community trips, scout trips and trips for the extended families or special occasions. He has worked for the last decade with destination management in India and in Dubai. Contact Anchorage Eco Lodge to experience the uniqueness, fun while learning new things and school trips in Gurgaon. Take a break! Get away from it all. You deserve it.


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