School Trips in Gurgaon – Perfect For Kid Adventure Activities

When it comes to planning school trips in Gurgaon, the choices are less; but there are still a few surprising nature friendly destinations near you. Anchorage is an eco-resort near Gurgaon that is a perfect getaway destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers hoping to soak in the peaceful harmony of nature.

Nestled amidst natural surroundings, Anchorage offers a range of adventure activities for everyone to enjoy a weekend over and is a favourite eco-resort for corporate outings and a preferred choice for fun-filled school trips in Gurgaon.

Kids Get to Experience Nature First Hand

Learning in natural surroundings is a great experience. Today with the rise of smart phone apps and a range of online activities, kids hardly ever get to step out in nature. Eco-resorts offer a chance for kids to learn and experience nature in its natural environment with the best of facilities and adventure activities. Kids can learn leaf identification, go for wild trails, go rope climbing and get active in environmentally themed games. During winter breaks, eco-resorts also offer opportunities for bird-watching and camping experience. It is also a popular family resort offering great accommodation for those looking for a quick getaway from the city life.

Encourage Children to Care for Nature

Most eco-resorts near Gurgaon run special outings and customised programs during summer and winter breaks and offer school kids a lovely way to interact with green environs. Such school trips also encourage children to learn and adapt waste management techniques, learn the benefits of tree planting and be more receptive towards nature and care about the planet they live in. Just being amidst natural surroundings will be pleasurable for children who will be delighted to play across open fields and enjoy an independent day trip with their friends and teachers. A trip to an eco-resort is sure to enhance their relationship with nature and also help them in their personal development.

If you are looking for some adventure fun, Anchorage, an eco-resort near Gurgaon is definitely an ideal choice.  They offer great packages for school trips and provide numerous activities for everyone to be part of and get entertained. There is also a special menu that can be planned for kids which takes care of their nutritional needs and is prepared using the freshest of ingredients. You can choose for a day trip or book for a weekend package and carry back lovely memories.

So reconnect back with nature after leaving the concrete jungles of the city and plan some school trips near Gurgaon by heading to Anchorage and discover the magic of nature.

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