School Trips Near Delhi – Things to Look for when Planning

Summary: Organizing a school picnic successfully is a big responsibility and must be undertaken with great care. When planning the school trips near Delhi, you must keep the educational benefit and few other things in mind.

Things to Look for when Planning School Trips Near Delhi

Have you been assigned the task of arranging a trip for the students by the school principal? Are you clueless about where to begin and what to do? If that’s how you feel, we are here to help you. Planning a school trip is undoubtedly a big responsibility. There are several factors that you must take into account to plan a fruitful trip that would benefit the students. Let’s take a look at the things you must consider when planning the school trips near Delhi:

Educational Benefit

Be it a picnic at the dam, a visit to the museum or an overnight stay at the resort on the outskirts of the city, a school trip must have some educational value. Spending a day or two outside the classroom means it costs the school in terms of money and time. So, pick a venue that would fulfill both the purposes like kids have fun as well as getto learn something new.

Appropriateness of the Trip

The nature of the trip and the type of venue should be suitable for the gender and age group of the students. Both girls and boys should be able to derive educational and recreational value from the school trips Delhi.

The Cost of Taking the Trip

Usually, most schools run on a tight budget. Therefore, you need to calculate the cost of the trip meticulously. The cost would include the transportation, entry fee at the venue, food, and accommodation, etc. It is important that the students pay the full amount well in advance so that your plan would culminate into reality. A carefully drafted letter mentioning the cost of the trip per head, what it includes and excludes, time, date and duration must be sent to the parents in advance.

Teacher to Student Ratio

The number of students assigned to a teacher would depend on upon the age of the students and the kind of the trip. This is a critical factor and must not be taken lightly. The ratio should be optimum enough so that each teacher can pay personal attention to every student under their supervision. After all, the parents have entrusted the school management with their child’s safety.

Assessing the Risks

Evaluating the risks associated with the venue is of prime importance. The purpose is to highlight the threats, identify the potential issues that could arise and device protective and remedial measures. You don’t want to subject your students to unwarranted hazards. If something goes wrong, the school management will land in hot waters. Visiting and inspecting the venue before finalizing it is highly recommended.

Assistance from the Staff at the Venue

Make sure you are getting assistance from the staff at the venue. Most of the popular school trip venues have dedicated educational personnel for coordinating with the school staff. Be assured they understand your requirements and would facilitate to fulfill them.

Have a Back-Up Plan

Situations could become unfavorable without prior notice. Always have a plan-B in place. The weather could turn violent, or your bus could break down in the middle of nowhere. Always have measures in place to combat such contingent situations. Keep in touch with the staff at the school so that they could help you if something doesn’t go according to the plan.

Once you chart out a plan, get it assess and approved by your school authorities and local authorities. We hope this article gave you a profound insight into the things to look for when planning school trips.

Author Bio: ABC is the school trip coordinator for more than a decade and has successfully planned trips for kids of all ages.

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