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Venue for Company Outings Near Delhi, Gurgaon and Faridabad

The days of keeping employees happy, cheerful and motivated are in, and what better than an occasional company picnic or corporate outing, sponsored by the company? Employees love the pampering. Most outings are planned for weekends, though sometimes companies take the extra initiative to let employees get in the party mood a day before the weekend, so the weekend is more for burning the tiredness. Traditional approached of some employees, or lack of willingness to get away from families on weekends sometimes also makes the management ensure that the outings are held on weekdays. Well, I am not here to talk about what day is better for a get-away-from-it-all day! The point I am writing for, is how you can actually make the most of the day. The main component is the venue. Well, how do you decide a good venue? Consider some factors while choosing a venue for your perfect company outing.

Management call to decide on type of day planned

Employee come with all tastes and likes, and preferences, hence no plan fits all. An adventurous day or a quiet sojourn – the choice can be hard. What can fit the bill here to choose a venue that has its share of greens and quiet with options for the adventurous ones. This keeps everyone happy.

Outdoors or indoors?

The weather dictates this heavily, but most outings happen in winters or cooler rainy season days, but venues with lots of shades and trees can help churn up relief on a hot day. Ensure the employees are aware of weather expected and take basic necessary precautions including sun block and hats or umbrellas to keep nature by their side and not turn up against someone result in health conditions like heat stress or worse!

Employee preferences for food

Food is the mother of all choices for any event in India. Go to a wedding and people judge it by the food. The same goes for corporate outings as well. Ensure the food has enough variety including Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian options, and for those who are diet conscious or prefer the green salads and liquids. The venue needs to cater to all preferences.

Activities and space

Does the venue hold enough open spaces for your group to fit in? Can people get away from it all while staying closer to the group? Does the venue have enough activities to engage the group for the planned time? Do the onlookers have a chance to get close to proceedings without getting involved? Consider all this when choosing a venue.

The staff and coordinators at the venue

Quite often we go back to a place for its courteous, helpful and knowledgeable staff. The venue needs to have staff that are experts in handling people of various types, be hospitable and know the venue and activities and precautions at the back of their hand.

Close to basic amenities and emergency facilities

The venue needs to cover amenities including water, fire safety, cater to special needs and most importantly be close to emergency services if needed. Dont go too far if you are not sure where the hospitals are. Emergencies are called so because they are! Be prepared rather than be sorry later.

Anchorage Eco Lodge provides the perfect get away for employees and groups leaving Delhi or Gurgaon or NCR for that matter, to enjoy a perfect day out. Read details of what events and types of outings we cater to Anchorage Eco Lodge With ample greens and adventure activities, great food and hospitable staff, Anchorage is the perfect venue for your next weekend outing. The writer Vineet has conducted team building and company picnic events across the international arena including Dubai and India. Come, enquire, drive down and be thrilled at Anchorage Eco Lodge.

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