Why Eco Resort Near Gurgaon Picnic Better For School Kids

Summary: School trips near Delhi are important for the kids to learn and explore the world. The eco resort near Gurgaon helps the child discover their strengths and become people’s person. Here are some reasons why as a parent you must always send your kids for the school picnic.

Are you a parent of a school-going kid? Did you just get notified that the school is going to arrange a resort picnic? It’s perfectly alright to be apprehensive about sending your child to the resort picnic. However, you must put a leash on your overly protective attitude towards your child and allow them to go along.Resort picnics are one of the best things that can happen to a school kid.They are one of the initial milestones on the path of self-discovery.

Eco resort near Gurgaon picnics might not have as much educational valueas the picnics to the conventional places like the zoo, national park, or the museum but they are much more enjoyable. And that’s exactly what the school-going kids need once in a while,a break from the curricula. Resort picnics usually last for a couple of days, which means the kids, would be on their own. Of course, the teachers would supervise them and make sure they are fine, the kids get a lot of time to learn the important life skills.

This might be their very first experience of being away from home unless they are already living in a hostel.The occasion makes them realize how important it is to bond with people outside their family. They learn to interact with their classmates, teachers, other people involved in the process in an appropriate manner. That’s how they begin to develop their knack to become a people’s person and keeping up the conversation.

Staying away from home for a school trips near Delhi can kick start their thought process and make them realize that sooner or later, they have to get out in the world. They have to come out of their protective cocoon and leave their comfort zone. On a resort picnic, the kids would learn to take care of themselves. They obviously won’t learn everything there is in just one day, but it is certainly a good start. They will know the association with a group.

The resorts where such picnics are often held have recreational activities like zorbing, wall climbing, loop walk, rappelling, pocket bike racing, swimming, commando net, cat walk, zip lining, treasure hunt, etc. Not everyone gets an opportunity to go on a vacation with their families. Resort picnics offer a great way to fulfill that void. The kids can experience the things that they hadn’t before; splashing the water on their friends as they play in the pool, the fear when they go on a water slide for the first time, the joy when they reach the bottom safely. These experiences are priceless.

As surprising as it may sounds, a chance to have an overnight stay with the friends away from home ingrains a sense of independence and self-reliance in the kids. It boosts their self-confidence that they can do just fine even if their parents are not around for a while. It will reduce their dependency on you and pave a way for them to become strong-willed individuals. Such prospects help build character.

We hope that after reading the psychological benefits of sending your child away to the resort picnic would definitely wash away your apprehensions. Send your kid to the upcoming school picnic and we are sure you will be glad you did.

Author Bio: ABC, a mother of two, is the parenting expert. She has been working as the counselor at one of the reputed schools in Delhi and an avid blogger.

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